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    *KOTE* Application


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    *KOTE* Application

    Post  Admin on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:41 pm

    If you're interested in joining *KOTE*, please fill out the following application and send it to the Recruiter. Remember, this is your first impression. Using bad grammar, or one-word answers, shows you don't care.

    We are a Northeastern Alliance, if you aren't in the NE forget sending this application. Get a village up here then we'll talk.



    1. Please list your VILLAGES - for EACH AND EVERY VILLAGE, list their COORDINATES and POPULATION.

    2. Do you consider yourself an offensive player, a defensive player, etc.? Please explain.

    3. Are you able to follow alliance leadership's orders?

    4. Can you, daily, be active on our Forums? Do you understand the importance of the communication medium that is an alliance's forums? Why is it important to you?

    5. Are you a team player?

    6. How are your communication skills?

    7. How often are you online? (Please list general times online with a time zone)

    8. Are you currently being farmed? List all the players currently farming you. Also, how much resources are they getting from you?

    9. Are you willing to replace all non-*KOTE* sitters with sitters that are members of the *KOTE* meta-alliance?

    10. If accepted, would you be willing to set a leader as a sitter temporarily so they can take a look at your village defenses to ensure you have adequate troops/defense?

    11. Are you (or have you been this round) in another alliance? If so, why are you leaving it to join *KOTE*? (Please make sure to reference each alliance you've been in this round.)

    12. Please list a valid email address where we can reach you over the course of this round.

    13 SKYPE REQUIRED, if you don't have SKYPE you can just about forget about getting in *KOTE*.

    *Obviously not filling out 100% of this application is an immediate rejection.
    *Not caring to give a full answer, means we won't care to read your application.
    *If you don't meet requirements, you probably won't get a response from *KOTE*LEADERSHIP.

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