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Knights of the Empire Alliance

    *KOTE* Framework


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    *KOTE* Framework

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    What is the Knights of the Empire?

    *KOTE* Philosophy

    Real Leaders are team players, follow orders, communicate with their fellow allies. Followers are leaches, the take, take, take then they leave to join a bigger freeride. While there are really big players that are followers, those aren't *KOTE* Material.

    Its either they can tie their own shoes and are willing to help others tie theirs or aren't willing to do their best to put on their own boots and tie their own shoe laces and aren't at all willing to help others without being forced.

    Real Leaders want to help people, they serve their fellow brothers and sister Knights. Real Leaders will transform our alliance and make it superior then any other, cause we aren't here just to win on accident like most alliances do.

    We want to win on purpose, because our Collaboration, Coordination and Communication networks and systems worked and acted quickly with the appropriate force or action necessary needed to win.

    This is only possible if all our members are leaders, leaders who serve instead expect be served. The other way fails, because pride destroys unity.

    We, the Knights of the Empire, is focused on being militaristically supreme in the Northeastern Quadrant, winning the World Wonder through the unmatchable power of deeply integrated teamwork.

    We, the Knights of the Empire, are here to win through any obstacle or through any disadvantage. We are here to prove a point that none can beat the might of a true team that sacrifices and grows together.

    •Prowess - Superior Ability, Skill, and Strength
    •Loyalty - Unwavering commitment
    •Courage - Fighting even when difficult and beneficial to yourself.
    •Faith - Believing in your fellow Knights, to have Hope in the abilities and decisions of *KOTE*LEADERSHIP.
    •Humility - Willingness to Follow Orders, and not get all prideful with one another.
    •Honor - honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions.
    •Unity - to bring all these values together and to work together.

    The *KOTE* PLAN


    Did you think it was that easy?

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